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Montagut signs a collaboration with the illustrator Cassandre Montoriol

Cassandre Montoriol began in the publishing, before the biggest fashion brands called on to her talent.

This spring, she signs a collaboration decorated with flowers with Montagut.

Newly-graduated of prestigious College of graphic arts of Penninghen, Cassandre Montoriol starts in 1996 her illustrator’s career in children books edition.

She began to the drawing of mode when Hermes orders him in 2003 a catalog illustrated with his accessories.

A decisive change in its career, because quickly, the press, the advertising , and the biggest brands tear away the Cassandre Montoriol illustrations : LVMH, Microsoft, Volkswagen, Buccellati, Vanity Fair, Vogue, or New York Magazine, are only a few of her illustrious customers.

The art of the pondering

Inspired by all which surrounds him, Cassandre admits a particular inclination for the nature: ” I take a walk a lot in parks and Parisian gardens, my sketchbook in pocket “. And when she does not cross streets in search of greenery, she settles down in coffee shop ” to observe the passers-by, let me soak by the atmosphere “.

Fan absolved of David Hockney and William Eggleston, she visits museums, looks quite at movies, feeds art, permanently.

But she draws at home. Shielded from the outside world which breathes her nevertheless one thousand ideas, she draws her rough of sketches, works them on the black gouache and on the brush, before illuminating them by the color.

Her elegant, fresh and covered of a multitude of details style sees itself in a wink of eye. “But I looked for it for a long time”, she confides.

Her style convinced the biggest fashion brands, but also of claws trendy as Sézanne, with whom she collaborates for some collections.

Drawing flower seller Cassandre Montoriol
Drawing in the park Cassandre Montoriol

The new collaboration with Montagut

For Montagut, the illustrator Cassandre Montoriol imagined a rural bouquet, which will be exposed during all May in the front window shops of the house, in Paris and in province.

A great tribute in its first source of inspiration, and a playful creative approach,because the artist drew flowers one by one, before assembling them to make her final bouquet, in the style of the real floral composers. Bouquets can so shape over and over again, and flowers be allowed spread one by one almost everywhere in the spaces of Montagut.

The spring colors of peonies, lilac, cornflowers or still poppies, reflect marvelously the vast pallet of the tones of the house, highlighted in its new collections spring, “Lux White” and “Cruise”, to discover exclusively.

The flowery shop windows will be to discover from the end of the week in our shops Montagut and were nicely thought by the creative duet Marine and Camille of the agency wearemb who collaborated with Cassandre Montoriol.

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