Meeting with Bertrand Guillon, interior designer

In the joyous Marseilles tumult, the architect Bertrand Guillon opens the doors of an astonishing interior calm and conducive to contemplation. This place bathed in light nestled on the heights of the city, is, it seems, in his image and describes a character as quiet as it is...

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Montagut featuring Cassandre Montoriol

Montagut signs a collaboration with the illustrator Cassandre Montoriol Cassandre Montoriol began in the publishing, before the biggest fashion brands called on to her talent. This spring, she signs a collaboration decorated with flowers with Montagut. Newly-graduated of...

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The secrets of a sweater Montagut

Working on the future collection, we wanted to introduce you to the steps of the manufacturing of a sweater Montagut. We went to Braga recently, in our plants, cherished to track the progress of the new collection. And it was a good opportunity to trace the know-how of the...

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Wearring cotton and cashmere sweaters in the summer

Cashmere during summer Do you love the cashmere? Like us, you don’t know why not wear it in the winter? Wearing cashmere in the summer, this is a new association of material for the summer, where cashmere is present and brings all its softness. The cotton and cashmere is...

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It decrypts the products, materials, colors. We leave the magnifying glass to better understand the mixed materials, cuts, finishes. We take the time to observe!