Editor-in-chief of Marie Claire Enfants magazine, founder of the Clotaire shoe brand, the home decor website Chez, the fair.e communication agency, and co-author of three beautiful children, Violaine Belle-Croix runs almost as fast that she creates.

Chance : Fan of Montagut, she managed to find us a niche in its millimetric timing!

picture Violaine Belle Croix

Portrait of Violaine Belle-Croix

At Violaine the notion of efficiency is never free of subtlety. In the heights of the 18th arrondissement of Paris, his apartment designed to measure for his large family betrays an immoderate taste for halftone colors, unique prints and collections of objects heart strokes.

From a fashion point of view, Violaine oscillates in the same way between a practical look and touches of sophistication. Trottinant from morning to night, she rarely trades jeans or at least trousers for the skirt, but appreciates the more couture pieces and the delicate details.

At his feet: Clotaire season- for now a pair of boots everyday “with just enough heel to start the pace” and caval to his next appointment.

Originally created for children, the brand of chic shoes was quick to hit the eye of their moms. For two seasons Clotaire has been signing a collection dedicated to women and girls …

graphic pattern t shirt Violaine
Vest Montagut at Violaine Belle Croix home
Violaine Belle Croix bicolour tshirt
Montagut shirt with graphic pattern

Violaine is now fan of Montagut

For the spring-summer, Violaine opts unsurprisingly at Montagut for loose and light models, guaranteeing a comfortable and relaxed look, without sacrificing the chic of certain details such as the bi-taste of Anya mesh, the delicate patterns and Arlette’s graphic or finally the extreme delicacy of Anna’s cleavage …

graphic pattern t shirt Violaine Belle Croix