Design lamp Julie Lansom

A French Success Story

Photographer, journalist, and now designer, Julie Lansom was able to weave her canvas in the Parisian artistic universe, creating design lamps composed of mercerized cotton threads.

From her grandmother, silk spinner, this pretty thirty-year-old has inherited the know-how and creativity. Inspired by an antique lamp in a flea market, Julie has one day the idea of ​​creating luminaries from wooden structures, around which she tends to the hand and one by one mercerized cotton threads.

Its first lamp, named “Sputnik”, a nod to the futuristic lines of Russian satellites, attracts lovers of decorative objects and crafts: the name lamps design Julie Lansom circulates at the speed of light on social networks.

From like to like, the orders flood, so much so that to meet the demand, it opens in 2014 its own studio of lamps design Julie Lansom. Today, his sculptural creations, halfway between the vintage seventies and the geometric modernity, are exported all over the world.

The elegance of the bespoke design lamps Julie Lansom

The meticulous work of weaving and painting, applied by this talented self-taught artist to each of his lamps, makes them unique. Made to order in the Parisian studio of the designer, they can be declined according to the desideratas of each.

Tailor-made for a demanding clientele, who likes to own a personalized work using its own ideas: from the shape and color of the wooden structure to the range of weaving colors, Julie offers the possibility to decline design lamps to infinity.

In suspension, mounted on a lamppost, or simply placed on the floor, its pure and aerial creations take on their full dimension in the evening, when their light diffuses on the walls of the dreamed shadows, dreamlike at will.

designer Julie Lansom

crédit photo @Melvin Israel