Margaux Keller designer

The southern-accented design of Margaux Keller

Raised under the breath of a winning mistral, the Marseille designer Margaux Keller is on the rise: solar and voluble, its design with southern accents has conquered the world of decoration.

Margaux Keller decoration bibelo

Design of objects and interior design, the versatile designer is also artistic director of the furniture brand Bibelo.

Margaux Keller interior decorator
Margaux Keller portrait design
Margaux Keller portrait
Montagut and Margaux Keller
Portrait of Margaux Keller

The universe of the creator

Close to her studio in Marseille, Margaux Keller receives us in the apartment populated of star objects she shares with her husband and children. Pastel shades and delicate curves : it would be tempting to describe the universe of the designer as feminine, if it was not so reductive. At Margaux house, formal searches such as color schemes are intended to tell stories to better speak to users.

From the seats of his Swim collection for Bibelo, to the glass bottles The pescadous for Roche Bobois via his pouf Canasson for Soca, Margaux diffuses inside fragments of collective memory, affectionate references to the cherished south of his childhood. It is also in this high place of inspiration that for her the Phocaean city that she chose to establish after solid studies in Paris, promising beginnings at Philippe Starck and an upscale upgrade to the Fabrica in Italy.

Maison Montagut knit

Weather clemencies oblige, Margaux Keller cracks for the light knit of the Anna t-shirt or the top Arlette. Their sophisticated details coordinate perfectly with the silhouette of the young woman who, like her design, leaves nothing to chance.

Keller Margaux with Montagut t-shirt
Margaux Keller wears Anna Montagut t-shirt