Working on the future collection, we wanted to introduce you to the steps of the manufacturing of a sweater Montagut. We went to Braga recently, in our plants, cherished to track the progress of the new collection. And it was a good opportunity to trace the know-how of the brand and explain our manufacturing process taking a few photos. This is Antonio (responsible for production) and Miguel (colourist) who guided us in the factory. In the middle of hundreds of machines to sew, we found our sweaters in the hands of workers to thumbprint. Very concentrated, they’re Remeshing clothes.


First step in making a sweater Montagut

The knitting. The glasses were almost indispensable to distinguish multiple ultra-thin and perfectly aligned hands that knit together the sleeve of this cardigan. How accurate are these machines! For the jerseys, we use a Cotton machine, while a Shima will allow differents pattern of points and colors. 


making of a Montagut sweater
making of a Montagut sweater

The mending

To assemble all the pieces of this beautiful puzzle, we speaks about mending. The sleeves join the front panel, and the collar join the back panel. Remesh is the step that requires the more alertness and dexterity, especially when our wire is thin and dyed. If you do this experiment, you will realize that the manicure should be impeccable: square, filed and painted nails, do not risk pulling a thread! Workers with blue blouses are per team of 4: 4 workers sew, 1 the controls quality and points out any defects, the last recovery and eliminated these flaws to make the just perfect sweater that will go in your dressing room, .


Montagut making pull-over

Washing, drying, Ironing

Once assembled, the parts will be washed in large machines with a the very Vintage style. Dry cleaning, then ironing and finally forming: another passage in an oven heated to 120 ° C to standardize the material.

Montagut making a wool sweater

The dye and quality control

Now, the bath of color for six hours. This is the stage of dyeing. Montagut was able to offer a wide palette of colours in each of its collections through very extensive research in this plant. At the end of this dye, it gets deep and intense colors that move not wash after wash.

After a second quality control, the pieces are ironed, folded, labeled and packed, ready to be shipped for the pleasure of your wardrobe.

Thanks to this team involved and motivated for the visit and presentation of their expertise!

To find out the result at the end of the manufacturing of a sweater Montagut, watch our look book !