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Marine, Paris 11ème. Inside Closet recently interviewed Marine Lozet, image director of the Maison Montagut. Marine is also a graphic designer and mom. His portrait drawn through the eye of Inside Closet, we learn that Marine loves flowery interiors and good bread. Often in a hurry, she knows how to take the time needed for everything.

Lozet Marine with Inside Closet interior
Lozet Marine Montagut
Lozet Marine and Inside Closet

We learn that after studying visual communication, Marine was a graphic designer and then artistic director in two advertising agencies. She then joined the family business Montagut, created in 1880. Marine will present the new collection of the Maison Montagut concept. The company becomes mesh expert in the broad sense since this winter of 2018.

What is done is not done anymore

Marine works on many projects for the company but knows how to take advantage of the moment and put pause of time.

Live the present moment

Marine Lozet Maison Montagut
handbags Marine Maison Montagut

There follow several personal questions about Marine. You will discover her 5 fetish beauty products, her dreamed place of the house or its infallible beauty trick.


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Marine Lozet - Maison Montagut
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Lozet Marine interview Inside Closet