Marie Dessuant and Philip Bone

The Dessuant Bone studio

Couple in the city as on the “stage design”, Marie Dessuant and Philip Bone respectively designer and graphic designer have created their eponymous studio in 2014. Sailing regularly between England where Philip is from and France, they have introduce us their parisian offices, the time of a photo shoot that gives pride to the elegance of Montagut !

Menil Montagut high neck sweater

Multidisciplinary, the Dessuant Bone studio logs daily on projects of set design, object design, artistic direction or visual identity and graphics.

Endowed with a rigorous aesthetic sense and a great culture of the image, as the richness of their library testifies, Marie and Philip bet above all on the complementarity of the simple forms and on the contrasts of the materials to give meaning to their various projects.

The main items of the studio

The flagship items of their shelves, the Jurassic Light lamp that combines the raw beauty of the rock with the sophistication of brass, and the Murakami bookend, a light aluminum sheet frozen by the weight of raw concrete, both illustrate this quest for perfect harmony in the union of opposites, which characterizes the duo.

cashmere sweater woman buttoning on the shoulder
Jurassic Light Lamp
cashmere turtleneck Montagut
cashmere jacket Mickael Montagut

Montagut clothes at Studio Dessuant Bone

In clothing, the couple shows the same stylistic precision. Uncompromising on the quality of cuts as materials, they opt daily for a simple dress code, they will not hesitate to twister the evening with more sophisticated pieces or accessories.

At Montagut, whose expertise and timeless elegance they appreciate, Marie loves the softness of cashmere and the shoulder buttoning of the Ménil and Pigalle models “that allow you to wear the sweater in different ways depending on the mood”.

Philip chose the cashmere jacket Mickael “because it can be worn on shirt over a t-shirt or under a wider jacket. It offers a vast possibility of looks !”

cashmere jacket Mickael

Cashmere Jacket Mickael

This cashmere jacket will make sure that you receive plenty of attention.

Cashmere sweater with stand-up collar Pigalle

Woman turtleneck sweater 100% cashmere Pigalle

A simple and timeless product, a safe bet branded Montagut.

Crew neck pullover made of cashmere

Crew neck pullover made of cashmere Menil

Sober and chic pullover made of cashmere which will follow you all along the seasons.