Montagut Fall Winter collection 2016

The fall-winter Collection of Montagut takes us in different worlds, distant and new, where our choice of material are always selected with care: cashmere, wool and silk, alpaca… Sweetness, colors and patterns are in the spotlight for the new products of this winter. The collection tells three stories developed around the trends of the season.

sweater Montagut ski graphics

Ski graphics

We’re taking you breathe the pure air of the peaks covered in snow with our cashmere or wool sweaters, inspired “Ski-rétro” style that will keep you warm on the top tracks.

Color-block, bright colors and graphics are the key words of this selection of products. These thick, knitted sweaters in 2 or 4 wires are made according to original and different mesh games. Thanks to their cuts straight and wide, the comfort is one of their main feature.

The passes are revisited, at halfway between the neck and the turtleneck. Everything is designed to give life to products easy to wear but imbued with a certain style, that of the chic Montagut.

luxury theme

luxury theme

Here our material of choice such as Kashmir, Kashmir light, or the light wire are worked with care to offer models really chic. Careful selection of raw materials, choice of a cashmere high quality and know-how are brought together to give day to timeless pieces, of great value, which will follow you over the years.

What would be the luxury without gold? Sparkling touches of gold wire, or Golden impressions as if they were painted with the brush bring a feminine note to products. Patterns spring, sober and neutral colors as well as timeless cuts also characterize this theme the winter 2016 of Montagut collection.

Winter sailor look

Winter sailor look

A sailor theme in humans is reflected through the revisited Turtleneck Sweater, jacket peacoat timeless or even work to mesh with different types of sides (flat, beaded, English).

The dominant color is of course the Navy Blue, deep and intense that gives the products a timeless dimension. The cups are adjusted and the finishes: buttons shoulders, elbow pads.

To complete the look, a 100% cashmere CAP and a scarf joint extra wide are also available. Everything is designed to build you a trendy look, which will help you to face the cold of the high seas.

Modern'indie style

Modern'indie style

An invitation to the trip, inspired by the traditional weaves of the designs and warm colours are associated with flexible volumes.

These gorgeous colors highlight from varied graphs of a weaving called Ikat (which means “tie”, “attached”), which would come initially from Indonesia, although the method of weaving is found everywhere on the planet throughout the ages.

His way, Montagut was inspired by this surge colored to offer you strong and always made parts from natural raw materials of high quality.

sweater Montagut ski
Montagut men's cashmere scarf
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