When the mesh becomes conceptual during a collaboration

Montagut has a busy agenda for september 2015. In addition to inaugurate his new Parisian shop, Place du marché St Honoré, the brand has introduced on October 14, a capsule collection.

collaboration Montagut Benjamin Juveneton
inauguration evening Montagut Benjamin Juveneton

The famous family brand, specialist of the mesh, emphasizes its status of top of the range brand with this limited edition collection, created in collaboration with the designer and visual artist Benjamin Isidore Juveneton, creator of the famous «Adieu Et À Demain» tumblr

An artist with both modern and committed, but also true chameleon man, Benjamin has imagined for Montagut a weave of inspiration moucharabiehs, drawn from his memories of the Alhambra of Granada in Spain.

The brand, known for its cashmere and his famous Fil Lumière, wished to collaborate with Benjamin for his ability to capture the elegance and the romantic character of the mark. the passion for their work unit them.

On occasion, the thinker has created four clothes in four colours, dedicated both to female and male silhouettes.

The materials were chosen with the utmost care; of course there will be cashmere, mixed with cotton material. Red, emblematic color of the brand, will be joined by modern and elegant, like anthracite and sand tones.


The family home of renowned since 1880, has so not finished surprising us.

These parts are available on the site of Montagut and in his Parisian shop, place of the market St Honoré.